Krystal Shaun
I had a great time with my friends at Supreme hot pot on Christmas Eve. She is coming from UVA and they don’t have a good hot pot place there. She tried the lamb skewers and told me it was so good, just like how they taste in China. Very impressive! We had fun last night. People who work here are all nice and very efficient. Recommend people who want authentic Chinese skewers!!!
Rui Li
Best hot pot in NOVA. We've been searching for years for an authentic hot pot place and we finally did it. The broths are rich and flavorful, the menu had a great variety, and the service is outstanding. It's a fun, hip environment and cleanliness seems like a high priority. It's really pricey, but the portion sizes are substantial. Come here hungry and you'll leave feeling great.
Benjamin W.
A newer and high quality hot pot place that doesn't always pop up on Google maps for some reason... Ingredient quality here is top notch. It's a bit pricy and it's a la carte ordering but it's one of the best hot pots I've been to in northern VA. Sczechuan broth is spicy, and they have 5 levels of spicy total, but level 1 is enough. They give you the spicy oil in a little monogrammed brick which you melt into the hot pot. Their sauce bar is back open as well, though no beer is served yet. Highlights are their scallops, fried tofu, fatty beef and pork belly. They also have crayfish and such. Shout-out to the guy who ran outside to tell me I forgot my broth. Remember you can take the leftover broth to go!
Samuel Debebe
Amazing experience... A unique place to dine is.... Our soup base was mushroom soup and also ordered shrimp and beef. Great taste. Wonderful for the winter...
The best place to enjoy authentic delicious Chinese food. The hotpot soup base, the kabobs, etc, the best in the DMV area.
Carolyn K
I saw an article about this place in the northern Virginia magazine, so I tried it out, and this place is awesome! The food was amazing and the service was fast! Everything we tried was delicious! The herbal tea was so good!
Comfort Prescott
I went to the first time today and the Food was Good AF. They give you pretty nice portions too. I’ll be back for sure.